Orleavo Heights is a community in Vista comprised of estates with minimum of ½ acre lots.
A house is in Orleavo heights with private fenced gated entrance.
Cozy home with white trim is part of Orleavo Heights in Vista California
Beautiful white trim Mission Home plan is part of Orleavo Heights community which is zoned for one Horse per acre.
Two story single family home in Orleavo Heights is home to elevated panoramic views from the balcony.
Orleavo heights community is comprised of houses on big lots, with the availability of space residents go creative.
View from the street of the single family home with white fences and matching trim in Orleavo heights
Two story house with beautiful landscape for sale resides in Orleavo Heights
View of the house in Orleavo Heights in Vista
This white fenced home is part of peaceful Orleavo Heights Community
This two story home has put together full play area for kids in the yard at Orleavo Heights